“Mạng chuyển phát nhanh rộng khắp"


07:23 03/09/2020

You install and register Viettel Post application. After completing registration information, Viettel Post will have contact staff to advise, support service use and account activation.

     1. Forms of receiving applications from Viettel Post

Viettel Post receives the application when you submit the application directly on the web, via phone app, …

If you have problems when registering an account, you can contact Viettel Post’s customer service call center 19008095 or go to the nearest Viettel Post sending point for support.

     2. Regulations on taking goods

Viettel Post does not limit the number of applications each time taking, 1 single Viettel Post also supports picking.

To ensure delivery to the right recipient, quickly and safely, Viettel Post stipulates that the sender needs to print and paste the sending slip on the parcel or write the bill of lading code on the parcel.

     3. Regulations on delivery to customers

Viettel Post is always available to support customers as much as possible. However, Viettel Post’s staff deliver goods by motorbike and carry boxes of many valuable goods, so Viettel Post encourages customers in high-rise buildings, apartments … to come down to receive goods to help people delivery staff.

In addition to domestic express delivery services, Viettel Post also supports additional services including delivery and delivery services according to your timing request.

If the recipient is busy at the time of delivery, the postman will note and return it on the next shift or the date the receiver appoints.

Viettel Post always tries to deliver and support customers for successful delivery. However, for orders that are delayed by the receiver more than 3 times, Viettel Post will change the order status to not delivery and return the goods to you.

     4. Cross-check

Cross-check is the process of Viettel Post transferring the collection money and service fees of the completed orders before the check-in schedule.

Cross-check money = Cash collected on behalf of – service fee – insurance premium (if any).

Viettel Post is flexible with your optional checking schedule, for example check once/week on Friday, check once/month on day 30, …