“Mạng chuyển phát nhanh rộng khắp"


09:24 05/02/2021

Viettel Post receives the application when you apply directly on the web, via phone app,… If you have problems when registering your account, you can contact the customer care call center of Viettel Post at 19008095 or go to the point send to the nearest Viettel Post for support.

  1. Mails and parcels containing goods for business purposes must have tax vouchers and other valid documents as prescribed by law.
  2. Imported and exported articles and goods under specialized management must comply with regulations of competent specialized management agencies.
  3. Bees, silkworms, leeches, insects in service of scientific research, perishable articles and goods, packed powder must be ensured not to damage or contaminate other parcels and parcels.
  4. Items and goods sent in postal parcels and parcels using aircraft services must comply with regulations on aviation security.

Note: Viettel Post will receive goods sent conditionally if the customer complies with and fully complies with the binding conditions for that type of goods. If you intentionally send the goods not in accordance with the regulations, Viettel Post will not be responsible for any damage, loss or prosecution by law.

Viettel Post only accepts goods that have been packed, properly preserved and delivered in raw, uncomplicated goods.

The packing meets the standards only when it meets the following requirements: