Escaping from the shadow of a traditional delivery company, Viettel Post is constantly expanding its investment sector into Fulfillment, e-commerce, technology. Viettel Post has identified its vision 2025: Becoming the No. 1 logistics enterprise based on high technology platform.

In 2021, for the 3rd time, Viettel Post ranked top 1 prestigious logistics enterprise (express delivery, last-mile delivery industry) published by Vietnam Report. The achievements not only prove the comprehensive abilities of Viettel Post and the contributions of enterprises in the Logistics industry in Vietnam but also reflect the results in the fact that the company has put technology into application in all activities.

Affirming the No.1 position

With the advantage of a wide network across 63 provinces and cities, Viettel Post has optimized the warehousing system. Currently, Viettel Post’s warehouse system spreads in all provinces and cities that are being exploited to serve the storage and transshipment of goods. Mr.Tran Trung Hung – CEO of Viettel Post said: “It is the time for Viettel Post to reinvest not only in technology but also in infrastructure. We have applied smart technology in warehouse management, while socializing warehouse leasing activities to optimize its capacity.”

The transformation of Viettel Post is assessed in line with the development potential of this company as well as global trends.

2021 is a difficult year for the Logistics industry as Covid-19 pandemic progresses complicated, supply chain breaks, delivery packages is difficult. In that difficulties, Viettel Post still completes the set goal excellenty. Viettel Post’s consolidated revenue in the third quarter of 2021 reached VND 5,135 billion, an increase of 4.5% over the same period in 2020, completing 96.1% of the plan. Accumulated to November 2021, Viettel Post’s consolidated revenue increased by 25.7% compared to the same period in 2020.

2021 is also the first year Viettel Post operates with a new brand identity, red version with the brand philosophy “Resonance makes a difference”.

With a business that already has a wide-ranging customer base and brand, changing the identity becomes a major challenge. However, the company has succeeded in maintaining its reputation with customers, strongly promoting the core values of the brand, improving the service experience across both online and offline channels.


In the 4.0 era, many people assumed that digital transformation is mainly just change in technology. However, with Viettel Post, this point of view is not entirely true “The change in technology is obvious but must better serve the needs of customers, not just for “performance”. Previously, Viettel Post just followed to meet customers’ needs, but now based on data analysis, we anticipate the need to come up with the most comprehensive customer support solution,” Mr.Hung said.

According to Mr. Hung, Viettel Post’s digital transformation activities, in any form, are still oriented towards the philosophy of “customer-centered”, for customers. Viettel Post always focuses on solving problems and personalizing to each customers.

The technology products of the company are researched, designed from the needs of customers. This ecosystem also changes the “stereotype” of a business that does business in a traditional industry when it continuously receives domestic and international awards. In particular, these products are all created by Viettel Post people.

Along with core activities, Viettel Post also demonstrates corporate responsibility to the community through many social security programs. As a company assigned by the Government to protect the supply chain of essential goods, Viettel Post has delivered packages, goods to each people’s homes, organized to give gifts to the disadvantageous position people inside the epidemic zone to help ensure social security in many localities.

CEO of Viettel Post shared: “In a year full of difficulties, Viettel Post still maintains the top 1 position is a great thing. For me as well as the staff of the company, this is a recognition of the efforts and relentless efforts. I would like to dedicate this title to customers who have always accompanied Viettel Post to maintain the position it is today.”

In 2022, Viettel Post will continue to implement the development strategy mainly in logistics activities, aiming to conquer the title of “No. 1 logistics company in Vietnam based on high technology”, show the bravery of the pioneering company – the main force to create a digital society.

In the following years, company will also complete the ecosystem off Logistics services, applying ISO 9001:2015 and ISO/IEC 27001: 2013 standards into operation. At the same time, pushing and promoting the Fulfillment service in 17 key markets across the countr; applying IoT technology to delivery services to optimize labor productivity and improve customer experience.

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