Flight Ticket Service (VTBay)


Aiming to bring the slogan “the further we go the closer we get together” to become a reality, for over 20 years the leading teams, as well as all the members of Viettel Post, have never stopped trying their best to bring people closer thus the Vtbay.com.vn was made for this mission.

Vtbay.com.vn is the first and only plane ticket selling website that was provided and proved to be safe and legitimate by Viettel Post.

VTBay is proud to be one of the official agencies that worked with and provided services from Vietnam Airline, Jetstar, Vietjet Air, Bamboo Airway, … and we are also partnering with over 300 airlines globally. In VTBay, we provide our customers with all available options for seats on board for every flight path, whether domestic or international. VTBay is always proving to our customers that our service is more than just a ticket selling website, we are also providing travelling tours for holidays and guarantee that our customers will only be getting the best quality tours and flights when they choose to use our services.

In the field of hospitality, hotels and restaurants, VTBay is currently being the strategic partner of some of the best and largest travelling agencies in Viet Nam: Viettravel, Hanoitourist, Dulichviet, Saigontourist,… focusing on these main forms of entertaining and travelling: Festival tours, summit tour, relaxing holiday tours,…

Focusing on 2 main forms of travelling tours:

  1. Domestic tours:
  • In the North: Hà Nội- Hạ Long – Sapa ; Hà Nội – Tràng An – Bái Đính – Ninh Bình…
  • North East: Cao Bằng – Bắc Kạn – Lạng sơn – Hà Giang – Mộc Châu…
  • Central areas and regions: Đà Nẵng- Huế – Hội An – Quảng Bình; Phú Yên ; Nha Trang; Phan Thiết; Đà Lạt; Buôn Ma Thuột…
  • In the South: Côn Đảo; Mỹ Tho – Cần Thơ; Châu Đốc- Hà Tiên ;Phú Quốc…
  1. International tours: ASIA, Europe, Australia, America, South Africa, The Middle East…

Why should you choose our services?

  • Vtbay.com.vn is not only helping the customers to find and book plane tickets but also providing them with a smart filter system targeting only the suitable prices that the customers are wanted to find.
  • The thing that guaranteed that customers that choose our services will be at ease is that the system that we are using to book the plane tickets will always give the real ticket codes from the airlines. These codes can then be searched on the website of the chosen airline to furthermore confirm the authenticity of our products. We are aiming to eliminate all the frauds and fake tickets for our users, for a safer marketplace and a better experience for everyone.
  • With the principle that viewing people as precious assets and the credibility of the company is the best weapon to protect those assets, we put our customers’ benefits and comfortable up first thus comes the new form of purchasing our services – online banking and purchasing via Bank plus or purchasing through over 800 Viettel Posts and a thousand more access point working with Viettel in Viet Nam.

For local customers that are not familiar with our online purchasing, we are also supporting the delivery and paying on receiving the tickets at your homes. The delivery time will be as fast as possible and the information is secured for each delivery. You can rest assured that trusting us is the best option when it comes to purchasing plane tickets.

On Vtbay.com.vn apart from published prices for all the airlines on our platform, we also publish the taxes and extra fees for each flight available.

With the motto “tomorrow’s successes are built upon today’s restless efforts”. We will provide our customers with the help of the team of experienced staff that is always ready to help you with the advising and booking services at the fastest rate and the highest level of efficiency”.

Our Main Office: 3rd floor, No. 09 Quan Nhân street, Nhân Chính district, Thanh Xuân, Hà Nội.

Detailed contact: 1900989888

Hotline: 0976.171.333

Website: http://Vtbay.com.vn/

Email: vemaybay@viettelpost.com.vn